Shelled Ice Cream Cupcakes Tutorial

If you’re anything like me, when you browse cookbooks, foodie magazines and websites, or even social sites like Pinterest, when you come across a recipe, you add your own twist to go the extra mile and make it your own. This recipe, that I’d like to call “Shelled Ice Cream Cupcakes” was no exception, as I took a candy treat idea and turned it into a delicious dessert that will please everyone.

I learned the first part of this recipe from a technique I saw on Hoosier Handmade Cupcakes. If you melt chocolate and coat the inside of a cupcake baking liner, using a pastry brush and spreading the chocolate into every nook and cranny, once you refrigerate it for at least 15 minutes, you will have a lovely chocolate shell. Only I found the technique rather complicated, and was just so lucky that my cousin recently gifted me a set of silicon baking cups, so I used those instead and it peeled away so easily without breaking.


While your chocolate shells are forming in the freezer, you can begin baking the cupcakes of your choice. Once your cupcakes are in the oven and you have freed your chocolate shells from the liners, you can place them back in the freezer while you work on softening your ice cream. I found it was easier to work with softened ice cream, and possibly even easier using the silicon baking cups and pressing the ice cream into the bottom half, to form the same shape as your chocolate shells to avoid damaging the shells and return to the freezer to harden. I did not do this step the first time around, so as you can see from the pictures below, my ice cream is a tad uneven, since I did not want to press the ice cream directly into the shells and possibly break them.

Which ever method you choose, fill the chocolate shells half way with the ice cream, and once your cupcakes have cooled, you can free them from their liners, cut them in half, and place them into the shells on top of the ice cream. Then all that is left, is frosting your cupcakes with any flavor and store the assembled cupcakes in a freezer safe container in the freezer until ready to serve. Preferably soon, so you won’t have frozen cupcakes and frosting.

See how simple that was? The possibilities of what you can create with chocolate shells are endless. Who wants to spend money on pricey baking molds, when you have liners (hopefully silicon) at home, and they peel off with such ease. You can even use white chocolate (my favorite E. Guittard or Godiva) and tint with color gels, if you are looking to match a particular color scheme. Chocolate, Cupcakes, and Ice Cream, you can not lose!

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