Nutella Trial & Error Recipes!

The popular spread known as Nutella has been a favorite in my circle of friends, but I’ve always been a little skeptical of trying the chocolately hazelnut combustion until recently. It seems like most of the country was hit with a snowstorm, which kept a lot of us indoors and for me that meant experimenting with new foods and new craft projects with my little tot. My local Target had a great deal on Nutella, so I bought a couple jars last week after spotting a few recipe ideas on my addiction site,

First up was Banilla Sandwich Cookies by Bakers Royale. These cute little treats are perfect for little tots hands, using sliced bananas and Nutella, sandwiched in between 2 mini vanilla wafer cookies and then dipped in sprinkles. I must say, it was a little too sweet for my liking, but cute as a snack for your child’s upcoming Valentines Day party at school or even birthday party treats. Just don’t blame me if your kids are bouncing off the walls, LOL! I don’t eat bananas, so I can’t say if the bananas help cut down on the sweetness of the other ingredients, but I will say my son broke apart the cookie and ate the sliced banana and half the cookie, and that was all he wanted. I don’t give him a lot of sweets anyway, so just like me, he wasn’t ready for all that sweetness. To each his own!

After putting the Nutella experiment on pause for a couple days due to the overly sweetened tooth I got from the Banilla Cookies, I found another Pinterest recipe for Nutella & Sea Salt Stuffed Sugar Cookies by Cookin’ Canuck. Although I am not a fan of salty and sugary mixed desserts, I decided to give this recipe a try but excluded the sea salt. As an avid baker from scratch, I will also add that I cheated and used Pillsbury sugar cookie dough, since I had bought it for a party and never used it and it was set to expire next month. I followed the same recipe format and in my trial and error I learned the trick to this recipe before you freeze your spoonfuls of Nutella is to also flatten them so they look like quarters or the size of a silver dollar, depending on how big you want your sugar cookies.

Fresh out the oven with a Nutella freshly melted center, these cookies are to die for. Have your glass of milk ready! Give the recipe a try by following the link I posted, or if you prefer to cheat like I did, then buy refrigerated cookie dough and follow the steps accordingly. But I will be trying this recipe again from scratch, because that’s just who I am, just without the sea salt. Oh yea, and I must add, it wasn’t overly sweet!

In the end, Nutella has won me over a little bit! :)

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